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2/7/2021 Update

Today we upgraded to version 3.0.0 which included the following improvements:

– Implemented the ability to set notification URLs to open in a new tab or not.
– Implemented the ability to rename created notifications.
– Implemented the ability to set delays between the latest conversions and random reviews notification widgets.
– Improved the look of charts for Campaign and Notification statistics.
– Implemented better breadcrumbs for campaign and notification pages.
– Improved the payment page when users are prompted to fill in the billing details.
– Multiple other fixes, code cleanups, and improvements.
– Migrated the backend to a new server with 30 GB RAM and 16 Cores CPU for faster processing.

8/24/2020 Update

Great news!
We just migrated to a much more powerful server with double the RAM and the storage. Enjoy the new blazing fast speed.

6/17/2020 Update

  • – Fully reworked the Statistics page with a new structure and more statistics.
  • – Fully redesigned the user Panel.
  • – Fixed Stripe payments not counting the usage of discount codes when a payment happens.
  • – Fixed Paypal Recurring Annual payments bug.
  • – Fixed Settings page being slow in certain cases when saving data.
  • – Other various improvements and fixes.